About the Labyrinth

Labyrinths have appeared in cultures all across the planet since the earliest of times. They can be found in many religions and spiritual traditions around the world. Walking the labyrinth has reemerged today as a metaphor for the spiritual journey and a powerful tool for transformation. A labyrinth is a pattern with a purpose, an ancient tool that speaks to a long forgotten part of us. Its many turns reflect the journey of life, which involves change and transition, rites of passage, cycles of nature. Different from a maze - which has a dead end and false passages - the labyrinth has a single path that leads to the center. It shows us that no time or effort is ever wasted if we stay the course, every step taking us closer to our goal. Thinking is not required to walk the labyrinth. Walking the labyrinth is more about the journey than the destination; about being rather than doing, integrating body and mind, psyche and spirit into one harmonious whole.